Thursday, July 9, 2009

True Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is a type of method used in an attempt to foretell the future of an individual or group. There are several types of psychic reading employed by those who have special psychic abilities. Psychometry is one, it is a form of post-cognition that enables the psychic to receive information about people, events or objects associated with events that have already occurred, or are occurring in the present, by being close contact with the area of object where the event took or is taking place. Distant reading is conducted without the reader ever meeting or speaking to the client. Aura psychic reading involves the observation and interpretation of auras around physical human bodies. Tarot reading does not need psychic abilities. A deck of 78 cards known as the Tarot is used to predict and interpret relationships, love, careers, etc. There are other methods such as numerology, playing cards, astrology and palm reading.

Psychic reading plays a very important role ever since the history begun, not only that it foretells future but also tells you the ways and means to achieve better ends. Usually a person who feels skeptic, unsure and melancholy goes to psychic reader to find what is ahead. He/she shares the past, and present conditions, the remorse and regrets, the happiness and joys and the life at large. Doing such will not only allow the person to let go of the past but also giving a chance to find someone to tell and express his/her feelings. Somehow a new friend to lean on, that is what psychic readers do.

Psychic love reading is an exciting venue for you to explore the wonder of Love, Relationship and Romance. For you to maximize Psychic Love Reading, you need love psychic who has the exponential ability to understand Love, Relationships and Romance issues. I remember what my mom told to a friend of mine about her dream man. She said that the card was certain after three attempts. Indeed a friend of mine married not a Filipino but rather an American man. My mom was exactly true to her reading.

Today, online psychic reading is the newest distant reading method where you can explore the benefit of it. Some psychic readings are electronically generated; it means that it is a program created to analyze what you have answered from questions given to you or it can be a program that is created to tell about the future depending on the numerous bases. These are not bad, however it does not exactly tell about you unlike what my true psychic reading does.

Gold Coins

I can still recall when we discussed back in college the importance of gold coins in the history of mankind especially in the field of commerce. Not only that it has become a measure of wealth and prestige but rather it helped commerce hastened its process. Today, we can only find gold jewelries, gold platted brooch and gold platted watches and other ornamental objects in our treasury box and none of gold coins. The reason why we don’t keep gold coins is because we find that it is not as important as those gold watches and brooch that we use daily. We thought that gold coin does not add value to us unlike signature gold watches that determines our status quo, and unlike the gold badge that determines our rank in society. If we look back on the history of gold coins, to your dismal, you will collect some just like some of your good old rugged watches kept in your treasury box.

From a personal point of view the idea why is it good to keep gold coins like any other gold made objects is simple. Let us consider gold coins as a measure of wealth and money at the same time. We know for a fact that the world is suffering from recession and during these days holding money does not invite you to spend since your main concern is to save it for rainy days, and does not invite you at the same time to invest since you will find that the atmosphere in the investment sector is in turmoil. The question is what you will do with your money? The answer is simple, since it is not likely to invest at this point in time. You must save the money in a bank perhaps. However, saving money in bank has a considerable risk that needs to be calculated since it is also an entity that invest money to investment areas which at present suffering from losses. Besides, the interest rate of your savings is highly dependent on the atmosphere of the market. When the demand for money is low, the interest rate of saving will have to be low as well. So you will see that savings is the only way left for you. However savings in banks will not leave you better off since it will have to incur a small interest rate. Another way which will leave you better off without comprising the value of you investment is by purchasing gold, it is either coins or whatever so long as it has a store value that is of equal importance to market. Buying gold coin now becomes an option. Today it is less expensive to buy and the future price is promising since when the market put a pressure on decreasing money supply and the market wants it to increase, then it has to induce value to gold coin so that it would be enticing for individual to sell it allowing the government to increase money supply. Showing to you a simple picture of how demand for money and control of it’s supply, the investment sector, banks as well as the current market condition interact and affect each other will help you decide on your money.

Another reason why is it good to keep gold coins is that it is safer compared to holding T-bills or Corporate bonds. When the economy is suffering from losses, it is difficult to speculate the security of T-bills, bonds and even buying Stocks is not a good option. Unlike gold, the value in the future remains stable whatever happens to the economy. It is like money that does not loose value. When it is weighted with the certain value in present, its value in the future is likely secure compared to any other investment. Learn more about it at Gold Coins Gain.

Monday, May 18, 2009

How Is It Like To Be Dependable?

Hoping that life will get better, career shift is I think a good way to do. Although my first choice is to take Masteral Degree in Econometrics this coming semester, I just felt that taking Law as well is a brilliant option.

What is it like to be a Dependable Legal Adviser, Defender and Friend?

If I were a person seeking for legal advices, I might choose the one who has a track record specific to my needs. But it is not my absolute requirement, my choice varies depending on my needs and lawyer must be dependable. Dependable means that lawyer is not just capable of winning the battle but finding truth without a burden of doubt and capable of accepting defeat in a justifiable manner. Winning is not all the truth in life, sometimes losing the battle gives us very important lessons to learn. Whatever our reasons are we always need advices and this is what Central Jersey Legal Services can provide.

I tell you choosing the right one is a tedious task, you don not just need right information but also a trust that is often time the hardest to entrust with. Even if your a type of person that is not prone to litigation, or just doing business. The need to cope up with legal requirements is often a tedious task. Since the demand for legal advices and services gone complex nowadays due to complexities of our legal system, it is just right to really evaluate dependable lawyers and legal services providers. In that case Central Jersey Legal Service provides wide array of legal service from personal injury lawsuit down to estate management to which you can entrust your legal needs.

If time permits me to become a lawyer, then surely I will be a dependable one.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Test Your Computer

Many readers have been wondering what the easiest way is to determine whether their computer has been infected with the Conficker worm. Previously I've pointed them to this Conficker Eye Chart -- and that recommendation still holds -- but now I want to respond to further questions about how it works.

First, some have looked at the spartan Eye Chart and have worried that it might be, at best, a sham designed to lull you into a false sense of security and, at worst, yet another delivery mechanism for the Conficker worm. It is neither. The Conficker Eye Chart is in reality a very clever way to determine if your computer is compromised, and it doesn't require you to do anything but click one link.

Here's how it works, in brief: Visit the web page linked above and you'll see six images: The three on top are for security software websites, and the three on the bottom are the logos of various open source operating system distributions. The clever part of all this is that the logos aren't actually being served from the web page linked above, but are rather drawn directly from the six different websites to which each logo belongs.

Conficker (as many other pieces of malware) blocks your web browser from reaching many security websites, so if you don't see some of the security logos on the page, you probably have a problem. Why include the open source logos below it? Because if they don't show up, you are probably simply experiencing an internet connectivity problem instead of being the victim of a malware attack.

Whatever you see on the Eye Chart page, just scroll down a bit to determine how to interpret the images in question. Different strains of Conficker will cause a different set of logos to appear (since Conficker.B doesn't block the SecureWorks logo). Of course, you should also remember that many other viruses and worms block access to security software websites, so not seeing some or all of the images could also be a symptom of a different infestation. If you see all the logos, you're probably in the clear.

One point to remember is that Conficker's creators -- or someone -- have been attempting to attack the Eye Chart page directly, so the page may not load at all. If that's the case, don't assume you have Conficker; it's probably just a temporary site outage. (I am also getting sporadic reports that some of the images aren't showing up right now -- namely the SecureWorks logo in the upper center -- but again, this is a traffic overload issue. Try back later.)

Instead, try one of these other sites, which are also hosting the exact same Eye Chart and which will work exactly the same way. > > >

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Warning PS2

Warning: If someone offers you a PS2 at the price some 9 years ago. Read the News, how much it cost nowadays.

PS2 to drop under $100 on April 1

Great gaming about to get even cheaper

Sony confirmed in the early hours Tuesday that it will be dropping its price by $30 for the Playstation 2 to $99.99. The price drop was previously leaked by an insider at retailer Kmart, who spotted a price change in his system and tipped off gaming blog Joystiq about the news.

Playstation 2

Playstation 2 Under $100?

Price cuts are always welcome, but it's not quite what hardcore gamers were hoping to hear. Consumers and industry analysts have been calling for a price cut on Sony's flagship Playstation 3 system for months now: the PS3 is the most expensive games machine on the market by a hefty margin. But Sony put a stop to that speculation in a statement today, saying "We do not have plans for a PS3 price drop, and any rumors to that effect are false and are the result of speculation."

So, is the nine-year-old PS2 a good deal at less than $100? Assuming you don't already have one, there's no question about it. Sure, it's no match for current-gen consoles like the Xbox 360 or PS3 (or even, more arguably, the Wii) but it has a software selection that's absolutely superb. If you're looking for a way to play great games on the cheap, and you're prepared to be a little behind the tech state-of-the-art, you can't do much better.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

5 Hours Free Game

This only applied to all Dota Finest Player of the Philippine group member.

Tentative date of free game would be April 11 2009 at 12 pm to 6 Am at Ilustre Duterte St. Davao City


1. You must be a member of Group.
2. You must send notification in any forms for your confirmation.
3. All notification is subject to evaluation for authentication.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Dota 6.59d - Dota-Allstars 6.59d Map Download

DotA 6.59D official map Download not released yet and it is possible for you DotA players to download the map, according the changelog ; 6.59D fixes recently discovered exploits by Dota employees, so yo are highly recommended to download DotA 6.59D to fix this problem.

DotA 6.59D

The Map will be released in 1-2 days to fix some exploit on previous Dota 6.59c. See Dota 6.59C bug, IceFrog said that he doesn't want to wait until Dota 6.60 released to fix this exploit.

Here is what IceFrog said about 6.59d :

I'll probably be releasing 6.59d in a day or two. There are a couple bugs/exploits that started appearing recently. While I know that some players don't like to keep downloading new maps, I think is best to fix this now instead of holding it off for 6.60 so it isn't too rushed.

DotA 6.59d / Dota-Allstars 6.59d download link will be posted here as soon as it appears on getdota, stay tune at Sumurbatu games!

Download : Dota 6.59D

For DotA 6.59d AI, I think buffmeplz not create for Map dotA 6.59d.

6.59D Changelog detail:

* Fixed some item exploits
* Fixed a rare memory related bug
* Temporarily changed switch voting system. It requires 100% of the vote for now. There will be a better -switch implementation in the next version or two
* Fixed a few other misc bug/exploits

DotA 6.60 is still in very active development. I will try to post more updates about it when it gets closer to release. If you have any suggestions you'd like to offer for it, please email me and let me know.


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